Map the System 2017 competition page

In 2017, Map the System had 24 higher education institutions across the world, with 13 finalists attending the Global Final in June. 

Simple Seat, Better Lives team presenting

2nd place

Second place went to University of San Diego team, Simple Seat, Better Lives, who researched landmine survivors and handicapped individuals in Uganda who are marginalised due to their disabilities and lost independence.

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Umps Health, University of Melbourne presenting

3rd place

Third place went to University of Melbourne, Umps Health, who researched Australia’s care crisis, caused by higher life expectancies and a shift towards informal, family-led care.

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University of Cape Town

Runner up

Runner up went to University of Cape Town, AllSafe, who researched the community policing environment in South Africa along with the systematic issues surrounding the community.

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Saving Mothers

University of Oxford

Runner up

Runner up went to University of Oxford, Saving Mothers, who researched the under-resourced healthcare system of South Africa, investigating mothers in rural, impoverished communities.

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Braden Etzerza

Mount Royal University

Runner up

Runner up went to Mount Royal University, Braden Etzerza, who researched Food Access in Indigenous Communities in Northern British Columbia. 

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Headshot of Cheryl Dahle

Cheryl Dahle

Cheryl Dahle is an entrepreneur and journalist who works at the intersection of business and social change.

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Headshot of Claudia Kelly Li

Claudia Kelly Li

Claudia Kelly Li is a Global Ashoka Fellow with nearly a decade of experience in cross-cultural communications and environmental campaigning.

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Headshot of Henry Majed

Henry Majed

Henry is a member of the executive team at 2degrees, the world’s leading community for sustainable business helping companies cut costs, reduce risks and grow by being more sustainable.

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Headshot of Avani Patel

Avani Patel

Avani Patel joined the Peery Foundation as Local Portfolio Director in November of 2013 to strengthen the foundation’s contribution to closing the opportunity gap for youth in East Palo Alto

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Headshot of Baljeet Sandhu

Baljeet Sandhu

Baljeet Sandhu is the founding director of the Migrant & Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU), a national legal and policy hub based at Islington Law Centre. She is recognised as one of the UK leads on children’s rights in the field of asylum and immigration law.

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Headshot of Darian Stibbe

Darian Stibbe

Darian works with companies, the UN, NGOs, and governments with one aim: to unleash the power of cross-sector partnership to achieve widespread social innovation and sustainable development.

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