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Partner with us: Information for institutions

Map the System is open to higher education institutions all around the world. We invite educators committed to enhancing social impact education to partner with us and bring the competition to their students.

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Be part of a movement which values understanding problems first, before proposing solutions. We believe this is the future of social impact education. Form relationships among staff, faculty, and students from a range of other universities & colleges, all of whom are passionate about positive social change. Give students the chance to win cash prizes, make valuable connections, and develop their ideas for impact in their chosen field.



 Institution Registration


We invite higher education institutions anywhere in the world who meet the listed criteria to partner with us to bring Map the System to their campus.

Institution Eligibility:

  • Institutions must be considered a higher educational institution (e.g. universities, vocational universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, institutes of technology and other collegiate level institutions, such as vocational schools, trade schools and career colleges, that award academic degrees or professional certifications).
  • Institutions must have internal capacity to support students throughout the cycle of the competition (mid-September to mid-June).
  • Institutions must commit to securing at least three registrations from student teams/individuals at their institution.

Canadian Partners

Canadian Institutions are encouraged to register for the Canadian Edition of Map the System. As part of the global competition, Map the System Canada hosts a national final that brings together emerging systems change leaders in Canada who are passionate about social and environmental change. A fee subsidy is also available for Canadian institutions who enter the Canadian edition of Map the System. Visit Map the System Canada

What is the cost?

The Institutional Registration Fee helps to support some of the costs of Map the System. The full fee is currently £3750 (USD $4,500, EUR €4,425) per institution. Map the System is more than a competition—it’s a learning programme and a learning community. We’ve added more digital content and enrichment, including virtual workshops and masterclasses with Oxford faculty and globally recognised impact leaders. 

Further Fee Reductions

Institutions located in a low or middle-income country (based on World Bank designation) may be eligible for a partial fee reduction. There is limited amount of fee reduction support available from the Skoll Centre, and so if you would like to apply for this financial assistance, please email the Map the System team at and we will follow up with you. 

What support will partner institution's receive?

The Skoll Centre will provide each partner institution with:

  • A detailed partner toolkit that provides information and tools to organise Map the System at your campus. 
  • Access to Canvas, our online learning management system, designed for educators to access our learning materials, guidance documents, and discussion board.
  • The chance to join a series of online webinars and virtual networking for educators at partner institutions around the world, to gather new ideas, answer questions, and share resources. 
  • Live webinars, workshops and masterclasses taught by Oxford University academics and practitioners.
  • Regular communications and coordination of the key stages and competition milestones. Including critical updated with helpful information and reminders.
  • Opportunity for one team per institution (institutions will select their own finalist) to take part in the Map the System virtual Semi-Finals
  • Opportunity for top teams from Semi-Finals to advance to the 2.5 day Global Final event in Oxford where the top teams and educators from all over the world come together to share and celebrate their research, learn from world-class systems thinking practitioners, join workshops and other networking opportunities. 

Why bring Map the System to your campus?

Map the System is a unique learning opportunity for students and educators interested in social or environmental systems change. Over the years, Map the System has proven to:

  • Encourage participants’ interest in becoming agents of change around social and environmental issues that they care about. 
  • Provide new mindsets and tools with which to become more effective change agents; maximising positive impacts and minimising negative impacts.
  • Deepen understanding in participants’ chosen topics in ways that may lead to future impact.
  • Generate exposure to the systems mindset, improving participants’ analytical and communications capacity as citizens and ability to operate in increasingly complex professional and workplace contexts.

Ready to partner with us?

Institution registration for Map the System 2023 is now open until 25th November 2022. Access the Registration form here. If you have any questions, email us at