Online Semi-Finals 2023


This year we hosted our inaugural Map the System Online Semi-Finals hosted on Hopin from 10th-12th May 2023. Finalist teams from across our 60+ university partners presented their systems-mapping projects in an online presentation showcase and live Q&A online with the international judging panel of systems leaders. We also hosted two keynote speakers as well as speed networking. This event was an open online conference allowing a worldwide audience of over 400 people to learn about fascinating systemic challenges from all around the world. 

Prizes at the Semi-Final 

The top 17 teams were shortlisted to advance to the Global Final week in Oxford. We also granted a series of Excellence Awards with the following categories: 

Highly Commended Project, given to teams whose projects were outstanding and impressed the judging panel. The 2023 Semi-Final awards were given to: 

  • Esade Business School, Academic and Social Integration of Children in Kutupalong Refugee Camp 

  • National Economics University, Violence against children in stepfamilies in Vietnam 

  • Portland State University, Presence and Impact of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in Water 

Kumu Award for Excellent use of Systems-Mapping tools to find insights or leverage points within the system, one award was selected determined by Jeff Mohr, co-founder of Kumu. A $1000 dollar award was donated to a Social Enterprise nominated by the Student team in agreement with Kumu, that links to the systemic challenge. This year's award was given to: 

  • Swarthmore College, What accounts for public health outcomes in Pennsylvania’s Incarceration System? 

  • The Swarthmore College team nominated Why Not Prosper as the recipient of the Prize Donation. Why Not Prosper is a grassroots nonprofit founded by a formerly incarcerated woman for other formerly incarcerated women based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Excellent Individual Entry, given to a team that is made up of just one person. It's given to recognise the huge amount of work that goes into a project when you're working as an individual.  This year's award was given to: 

  • University of Sheffield, Assessing the Alcohol harm paradox in Sheffield 

Involvement of underrepresented community voices, given to teams who indicated a clear commitment to amplifying the voices of underrepresented identities, by incorporating these perspectives into their research or analysis. The 2023 Semi-Final awards were granted to: 

  • Bertha Centre, University of Cape Town, Harnessing the Power of Indigenous KhoiSan Culture to Support At-Risk Youth in the Western Cape 

  • ESA Business School, Lebanon, Cancer medicine Shortage in Beirut, Lebanon 

  • Utah Valley University, Lack of comprehensive Sex Education in Utah 

Excellent Project from a Newcomer Institution, recognises teams representing institutions participating in MTS for the first time - an inaugural MTS entry is a big effort for students and educators! The 2023 Semi-Final awards were granted to: 

  • Fordham University,  Cocoa Farming in Côte d’Ivoire: Resource Curse or the Road to Recovery? 

  • Bethlehem University,  Food Waste in Palestine 

  • University of Venda, Digitisation of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises in Gogogo Community, South Africa. 

Excellent Undergraduate Project, recognises the tremendous efforts of undergraduate MTS participants, who greatly impressed the judges. The project is especially challenging for those who have not yet experienced master's level studies and research. The 2023 Semi-Final award was given to: 

  • The African Leadership University, Vaccine Access in Remote Areas of Uganda