Map the System Excellence Awards 2023


Map the System Excellence Awards 2023

Highly Commended Award

The 'Highly Commended' award is given to teams whose projects were outstanding across the assessment material and impressed the judging panel. The 2023 recipients were: 
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Involvement of Underrepresented Community Voices Award

This award celebrates teams who indicated a clear commitment to amplifying the voices of underrepresented identities, by incorporating these perspectives into their research or analysis. The 2023 recipient was: 
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Excellence Award for Systems Collaboration

This award celebrates teams who modelled excellent systems collaboration by involving team members from outside their immediate network or collaborated with an external partner relating to their challenge. The 2023 winners were:
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Exceptional Project from a Newcomer Institution

This award recognises teams representing institutions participating in Map the System for the first time. We know that an inaugural Map the System entry is a big effort for students and educators. The 2023 winner is:
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Exceptional Project from an Undergraduate Entry

This award recognises the tremendous efforts of undergraduate Map the System participants, who greatly impressed the judges. Map the System is especially challenging for those who have not yet experienced master's level studies and research. The 2023 awards go to: 
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