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 Runner Up

City on the Rise, Students Left Behind, Education Inequity in Nashville

A member of the Vanderbilt team presenting on the stage.
The Vanderbilt Team standing on stage receiving their award.

Research Team: 

Sam Angileri, Andrew Gardner, Juliana Hoover Potash, Fariha Hossain, Caitlin Scheder

Problem Statement:

"Nashville, Tennessee’s state capital, is among the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., but the city’s economic success is not replicated in its public education system. Metro Nashville Public Schools* (MNPS), Nashville’s public school district, struggles to produce positive outcomes and experiences for all students. Nashville’s policies have consistently prioritized wealthy, White, and highly educated residents to drive visible economic growth, neglecting the needs of low-income families. Public schools are differentially resourced, and students’ academic outcomes typically differ according to their backgrounds." You can read the team's written summary and access their systems map below!

Visual Map  

Written Summary