The Forgotten Biome, Amani Institute


The Forgotten Biome

Amani Institute



 Third Place

Deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado

Research Team
Debora Souza Batista, Social Innovation Management, Amani Institute
Julia Norat, Legal Advisor, Federal District Environment Secretariat


Project Summary
The Brazilian Cerrado is considered one of the richest savannahs in the world and a biodiversity hot spot. It also plays a very important role in water conservation, partly due to its geographical position, located in plateau regions, which contributes to water distribution throughout the country. However, land use in the Cerrado has provoked a massive conversion of native vegetation to agricultural and urban areas, severely compromising ecosystem functioning, ecological processes and biodiversity integrity. In their research, this team has analysed the existing public policies that are part of both the solution and the aggravation of the problem, as well as initiatives from civil society that tackle the issue of deforestation at the Cerrado.


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