Joe Hsueh


Joe Hsueh

Managing Director


Joe Hsueh is the Founder and Managing Director at Omplexity and a Co-founder of the Academy for Systems Change. Omplexity developed a participatory systems mapping methodology and an online tool to help corporations, foundations and governments co-develop systems change strategies with stakeholders. To sustain change, Omplexity delivers systems leadership capacity building programs for organizations, communities and universities.

Joe has completed more than 60 systems mapping projects worldwide. He worked with UNDP on SDG Systems Mapping, World Economic Forum on future of production strategy, Nike and Sustainable Apparel Coalition on sustainable apparel strategy, Walton Family Foundation on sustainable fisheries, and GSG on impact investing ecosystem mapping. Joe created the Systems Change Process Map that describes different stages of systems change. His work was featured in Harvard Business Review and the Guardian.

Joe holds a Ph.D in System Dynamics from MIT Sloan School and a MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School. He lectured at MIT and Harvard Executive Education Program. As an Adjunct Associate Professor, he teaches a consulting-based course on systems mapping at National Taiwan University. Joe believes deep transformation comes from within, and has spent a year at a Buddhist monastery, which created a lasting impact in his life.