Colo(u)r: Youth and Fine Art in Ghana


Colo(u)r: Youth and Fine Art in Ghana

University of Oxford

United Kingdom


 Third Place

Youth and Fine Art in Ghana 

Research Team 

Sarah Ehlinger Affotey

Esther Ninshuti

Pelumi Olawale

Kwaku Kufuor


Project Summary

Fine art represents a multi-billion-dollar industry but also has cultural value in the way it contributes to global conversations on social justice. Fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement, African art has risen exponentially in popularity and value and several Ghanaian artists have become international success stories. However, Ghana lacks enabling infrastructures for youth to achieve successful careers in art. Furthermore, lack of data cloud whether the booming industry benefits Ghanaian artists or “middlemen” further down the value chain. The team's research examined the interactions of deep social, political, and economic structures that keep youth from entering and succeeding in the industry. Given shifting power dynamics as a result of growing demand, they found a "reset" may keep Ghana from falling prey to the type of exploitation synonymous with the resource curse.

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