Hi everyone!

Almost at the deadline for submissions! Here are some further resources to inspire some different problem mapping approaches.

The following report extracts, prepared by current MBA students from the University of Oxford – Saïd Business School, provide examples of how the ecosystem of a problem and key stakeholders can be visualized.  

Example 1: Increasing access to water in Mumbai slums (Prepared by Molly Shaw, Tilman Melzer, Matthew Williams, Ahana Dwivedi, Sumeet Sarangi, and Lu Zheng)

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Example 2: Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh (Prepared by Nicholas Dunford, Andrea Coulis, Wayne Moodley, Sugam Taneja and Weerawat Wongcharoenyai)

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Example 3: Below The Surface – Water In London (Prepared by Nicholas Ingle, Wataru Matsumoto, Di Qi, Chris Forrer, Adnan Al-Khatib and Parag Kulkarni)

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